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This application was requested by two highly skilled individuals with years of retail experience under their belt.


One of the key challenges was to provide simple and easy to use sale and stock management tool, which is specifically designed for apparel, shoe and sportswear retail businesses. The clients wanted a simple and easy to use user-interface, which we’ve developed in grid and matrix format which is familiar to those already in the retail industry. Everything had to be extendable, accessible, and concise. We’ve had to implement management of stock, transfers, stock count and orders spanning across all branches and sales channels.

We also had to provide support for existing hardware with the app, providing an attractive investment for retail store owners.

Apparel Meister’s POS was designed to enable sales and data capturing in a secure and fast manner.

In addition to its functionality, Apparel Meister also prioritizes sustainability by allowing retailers to email receipts, and by providing comprehensive reporting in a matrix grid format that is easy to understand and use. The app also allows for an unlimited number of departments and product categories, and can link stock and sales records to online channels in real-time to ensure accurate and up-to-date information for the entire enterprise.




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