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EcoGofer is a web platform for two sided market (delivery) and a mobile platform for deliverers (gofers).

Technologies used:
EcoGofer mobile application

BeDry is a standalone web application for an online bladder diary. The application was developed using Spring Boot and Angular. Bladder diaries are routinely used in clinical practice.

Technologies used:
BeDry application on a mobile phone
Trova Trails
Trova Trails

Trova Trails is a mobile application used to increase the retention of cultural information that people learn exploring cultural attractions. The application was developed using React Native.

Technologies used:
Trova mobile application
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Saša Stanisavljević
Saša Stanisavljević
Co-Founder of EcoGofer
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"They were so professional and organized that I couldn't find any flaw."
Slaven Abdović
Slaven Abdović
Founder of BeDry
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"I was impressed with how they managed blockage and wrong turns in the app development."
Aleen Toroyan
Aleen Toroyan
Founder of Trova Trails
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"They were patient, honest, and very helpful in explaining the different stages of app development."
Iva Hojsak
Education secretary of Espghan
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"They are professional and very cooperative. All is done timely and as planned."

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