The client is a pediatric nephrologist by training and the Founder of the
bed-wetting blog in Croatia.


The client wanted to create a standalone web application for online bladder diary. Bladder diaries are routinely used in clinical practice to diagnose and help guide lower urinary tract symptoms, such as bed-wetting in children. Patients and parents
are reporting data in the printout table and only skilled and trained personnel are able to interpret it correctly. The goal was to create an application to easily record data using smartphone, tablet, or personal computer and to get generated report with automatic data interpretation. Users had to have the possibility to share the report with their practitioner for more successful and guided treatment.

The Approach

The client needed an application that could be used on several platforms. It had to allow different users to create profiles, enter data that had to be correctly labeled for the reliable interpretation. Spring Boot, Angular and Postgres were used for the back-end, front-end, and database, respectively. The application had to allow easy implementation of different languages and easy translation.



Spring Boot

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