The client is the co-founder of Ecogofer, he wanted to provide a platform for emission-free, same-day delivery.


The client wanted from us to create a web platform for two sided market (delivery) and a mobile platform for deliverers (gofers). 

The web platform would be used by clients (businesses and people) to create and manage parcel deliveries. They could also choose gofers for each delivery and manage their stores or locations from which the parcels would be picked up. 

The mobile application would be used by deliverers to check newly created deliveries in their area, manage the prices for their services and apply to deliveries.

The Approach

To develop this platform, Spring-boot was used for the back-end application. Angular and Ionic were used for the web client and the mobile application, respectively. 

We also had to ensure money transfers between clients and gofers, which was done using Stripe payment gateway.

The delivery management and progress were displayed to the users in real time.

We have successfully developed an MVP version which was tested by 30+ gofers and had positive feedback and without fatal errors. We are waiting for the client to make the necessary steps to put this platform in the world.






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Apparel Meister simplifies inventory management for apparel retailers. Cloud-based, sustainable, & offers comprehensive reporting for efficient operations.

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