Trova Trails

Trova Trails is a mobile application used to increase the retention of cultural information that people learn exploring cultural attractions. The application was developed using React Native.

Trova trails


The client is a startup with charismatic leadership, highly experienced in the travel industry. They aim to increase the retention of cultural information that every one of the family members takes home from the trip. They want to accomplish that task through quizzes that present you with a score at the end, tempting you to score higher.


The client requested that we develop a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Target demographic for the app is families on trips to famous cultural cities. Trova’s goal was to provide bite-sized, fun guides in the form of interactive quizzes suitable for any age. These guides, referred to as trails, contain themed narratives with different quiz types (some have specific quiz types!). Trails are offered as in-app purchases, with the option to purchase all five trails with a discount. We’ve also prepared the app for internationalization in the future (Italian coming soon).



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