Teamleader | Full stack developer


About me
  • As a CS student with a passion for web and mobile development, I have been working professionally as a mobile and backend developer for over a year now. During that time, I have gained experience in various technologies, including C, C#, Java, Spring, React Native, Typescript, Firebase, Redux, and more
  • I have a strong background in both relational and NoSQL databases and have previously worked on large-scale projects involving CodeIgniter, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In one such project, I was responsible for managing a custom membership video tube site with over 10,000 daily users and implemented features such as PayPal and PayCek integration, automatic invoice generation, and subscription-based monthly memberships
  • In addition to my experience as a mobile and backend developer, I have also led a React Native project in the travel and entertainment sector from start to finish. This project included features such as global state management, in-app purchases, and dynamic HTML handling. I am currently working on a complex application in the gambling sector using Spring and React Native, where I am leading the React Native team and mentoring team members
  • Overall, I have a strong track record of delivering high-quality solutions in a variety of industries and am confident in my ability to continue doing so.
2020. – 2022.
Graduate university study / Faculty of Economics in Osijek
Holding a master’s degree in Management
2017. – 2020.
Undergraduate university study / Faculty of Economics in Osijek
Holding a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial management
  • Languages
    • English (B2 – Understanding, and reading; Speech – B1)
    • German (Basic understanding level)
  • Driver’s licence : B category
  • Familiar with
    • Jira
    • Git
    • Slack
    • SonarQube
    • Office tools
Technical skills
  • Java – multithreading, Swing, Java 8 features
  • Spring / Spring Boot – Spring MVC, Security, Data JPA
  • SQL and NoSQL databases – MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • C, C++ – memory management, algorithms, data structure implementations
  • PHP – CodeIgniter framework, WordPress
  • DevOps – server, SSL certificate and Nginx/Apache setup, dedicated server management
  • Web development – HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Redux, Firebase, zustand, Bootstrap, Express.js
  • C#, Python – core syntax and features
  • Payment APIs – PayPal, PayCek,
Work experience

01.04.2022. – TODAY
Fullstack Developer (Java, React/React Native)

  • I’ve led a React Native project in the travel/entertainment sector from start to finish with features like global state management, in-app purchases, dynamic HTML handling, etc
  • Worked in Spring and React Native on a complex application in the gambling sector, leading the React Native team and mentoring team members
  • I’m currently leading a React Native project in the medical sector, developing new features with attention to detail and code cleanliness, as well as mentoring team members
  • Skills: React Native · Redux · Java 8 · Spring Boot · TypeScript · PostgreSQL

01.02.2022. – 01.09.2022.
Junior Spring developer

Worked on a product in the healthcare industry

  • Spring MVC, Security, Data JPA
  • Used design patterns and respected SOLID principles as much as possible
  • API creation, entity-relationship modelling, mapping to DTOs
  • Data JPA specifications
  • Async execution, event listeners
  • Used version control system (git) daily
  • Jira, Confluence
  • Skills: Java 8 · Spring Data · Hibernate · Java · Spring Framework · PostgreSQL
02.11.2020. – 15.06.2021.
Application developer

Developed a custom video tube

  • Frontend technologies used: HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap library
  • Technologies used on the backend: PHP (CodeIgniter 3 framework), a little Python to edit the script to pull the continuous video from the server, and MySQL for the database.
  • Management of dedicated servers (there were multiple servers for media storage and two for video processing and compression) that ran versions of Ubuntu OS
  • Video file compression using FFmpeg, single-frame thumbnail creation, video thumbnail creation
  • SEO optimization (10,000 users per day)